Thursday, August 23, 2007

Just Sex

Cover Image As trashy as this book may sound, it really wasn't. It's about a woman whose husband cheats on her claiming that it was 'just sex' and tells her to give it a try. Well, instead of being all slutty and hooking up with lots of guys, Ellen has a problem feeling that sex could be anything other than something more. So her friend sends her to a getaway called Sizzle which is pretty much a free for all sex island. Ellen trys to find someone who she can have sex, but being the good girl that she is, she can't. What I liked about this book is that she stays true to herself, she doesn't do what everyone tells her to because its not who she is. I liked it. Go figure.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Decaffeinated Corpse

Cover Image This is the latest book in the Coffeehouse mystery series, and I really wasn't a fan. I had to push myself to finish it. I'm starting to think that the author is loseing her touch, lets hope not. Maybe the next book will be better.