Monday, March 9, 2009

Married In Seattle

I like Debbie Macomber, and my mom knows this, so when she was at Costco one day, she saw this book and bought it for me. I asked her if maybe she was hinting at something. Me getting married maybe? Gotta have a boyfriend first Ma.

This book has two stories. Both about 2 women in Seattle and how they find love.

Story 1: First Comes Marriage. In this one, a woman's grandfather tells her that he wants her to marry his co-worker despite the fact that the two dislike each other. Being the predictable story that it is, you know that in the end the two get together.

Story 2: Wanted: Perfect Partner. In this one, a teenage daughter and her friend puts a personal ad in the paper for her mom, and surprise! the guy they pick to date her mom turns out to be Mr. Right. The mom is kind of annoying.

Out of these two stories, the first one is probably the best.

Something Blue

This is the sequel to Something Borrowed and it wasn't as good. In the first book the author builds up the character Darcy so that you want to hate her, then she turns around and writes a book based on Darcy's life. It picks up where the first one left off, so you get to hear Darcy's side of the story. I found her to be very annoying throughout the whole book and think that she gets what she deserves, but she does get a happy ending, because you can't write a chick book without a happy ending.