Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Uncommon Reader

An interesting little book that I stumbled upon at the B&N website. It follows the story of the Queen of England who one days discovers the traveling library (aka, the book mobile). Feeling like she should check out a book, she does and discovers the world of books. So she starts reading non-stop. But for whatever reason (maybe because reading changed her a bit) all of her workers don't like her reading and do what they can to make her stop. I was a little annoyed by that. If someone wants to read, then let them. Its a good book for someone who loves books since that's mostly what it talks about. And at the length of only 120 pages, there's no reason to not read it. So check it out. And make sure you have a dictionary. There's some big words.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Penny Pincher's Club

I really liked this book. Couldn't put it down. Read about half of it in one day. It's quick entertaining read. It follows the story of Kat who is a shopaholic who finds out that her husband is cheating on her and plans to divorce her after their daughter graduates high school. She joins the Penny Pincher's Club so that when the day comes she will be able to have saved enough money to support herself. I was hoping to a bunch of money saving tips out of it, but I really didn't. I'm not one for coupons or 'dumpster diving', but I do agree that getting rid of things like cable are a smart choice. Maybe someday I will do that.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Moving Is Murder

This is the first in the Ellie Avery series. Not as good as the 4th book, but still pretty good. Not as creepy and had to many characters to follow. That's my issue with mystery books, there's always so many characters that its hard to keep track of them. Especially when they are all women. In this book, people in Ellie's neighborhood start dieing, and even though she shouldn't she starts to investigate why. You'd think that after figuring out that someone put antifreeze in your water cup would be a sign to stop sleuthing. But, like Nancy Drew, she keeps at it. When will she learn?

Magnolias, Moonlight, And Murder

I picked up this book because I liked the cover. Its got a pumpkin on it, which means that it takes place during the Fall, and I love Fall. This is the latest book in the series, but unlike some series, you don't need to read the others first to understand what is going on. The story is about Ellie who is the wife of an Air Force officer and it takes you into the world of what life is like for their wives. I enjoyed it. Wasn't sure if I would or not. Ellie finds a dead body who everyone thinks belongs to a girl who went missing a year ago. And while investigating it, another unsolved murder is solved. It was creepy and something I shouldn't have read when before bed. But it doesn't take much to scare me. In other words, good read. Check it out.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Fixer Upper

I kind of expected this book to be another cheesy chick novel, but it wasn't, and that made it so much better. Dempsey is a strong headed character who doesn't back down when her life falls apart. She loses her job in D.C. due to a government scandal and goes to Georgia to fix up an old house that her dad got from his dead uncle. The whole book is basically her fixing up this old house and finding her way in life. I really enjoyed it. It was kind of long, but good enough that you just keep wanting to read it. My only issue with it was that it ended kind of suddenly. It could've had a wrap up chapter, but other than that, I liked it.