Sunday, October 2, 2011

Walks With Men

I have no idea what this book was about. It was 100 pages of randomness. A girl meets a guy who ends up being married, and instead of ditching him, she and the guy end up getting married, though he was rich so you can't really blame her. Then her old boyfriend shows up and gets hit by a train and dies. Then the girl and the guy divorce and he disappears, so the girl moves to Virgina and the book ends with her visiting her step father. If it hadn't been so short I wouldn't have kept reading it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wicked Appetite

I'm not a big Janet Evanovich fan, but I did like this book. From what I understand it's part of a new series. What I thought was interesting is that its supposed to be about the 7 deadly sins. This one was mostly based on Gluttony, so there was a lot of food talked about in it. The main character Lizzy works at a bakery making cupcakes. Me being me naturally wanted cupcakes.
Lizzy's life is pretty normal until one day two tall dark mysterious men show up in her life. One, Wulf, is evil and the other, Diesel, is good. They are both on the hunt for the 7 Stones, which from what I understand could be deadly if fallen into the wrong hands. Got a little confused on that part. Its a quick wacky story with a one eyed cat and a monkey and Lizzy's friend who wants to be a witch.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Don't Know How She Does It

This book took me longer than it should've to read it. I had read it years ago, probably when it first came out, but couldn't remember anything from it, and now that they made a movie out of it, I wanted to check it out again.
I didn't really like it. I'm not a mother, nor do I currently have a job or husband, but my friends do, and they seem to make things work. I suspect that the author wrote this book so that people could understand what all a full time working mother has to go through, but geez, I don't know why everyone was so impressed by Kate doing a bunch of stuff, when a lot of working mothers do the same thing and don't get the attention for it. But should they get the attention? Isn't that just how things are now days? And it seems like it was Kate's choice to go back to work full time. Really, if it was so stressful, than she could always have just quit her job, got a part time one, or just let the hubby make the money. There's nothing wrong with that. And honestly, I'm really not surprised that her hubby left her. She was kind of a bi**h to him. But yeah, there were times he could've stepped up a bit to help out. I think that with good time management, Kate could've been a lot happier. Found a way to work and be there for her kids. And maybe keep her To Remember list a little more handy so she wouldn't forget stuff.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


It took me forever (ok, maybe two weeks) to read this book. I was in the mood for a thriller and the discription for the storyline on the back of the book made it sound interesting, and it probably would've been if there weren't so many different things going on at once.
Sounds like this is the first in a new series about a P.I. type business who works with the local cops to solve cases. In this book they solve the case of the Schoolgirl murderer. Someone who has been killing teens for a few years. And they deal with some shady backdoor dealing for cheating at NFL games, and the main character trys to find out who killed his best friends wife. Had it just been one or two of these plots, the book would've been easier to follow.
I'm not a big fan of his writing, so I don't know why I keep getting his books, but I should probably stop.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Foul Play


Murder By The Slice

I had started reading this book before and gave up on it. But I decided to give it another try. It was ok, nothing super. It is set around Halloween, and I love Fall, so thats why I wanted to read it, but I just didn't get the cozy Fall feeling of the book. And Phyllis still annoys me. She just seems mean. And she and Sam just need to hook up and get it over and done with. In this book, the rude president of the PTO ends up dead, and since everyone hated her, everyone is a suspect. The PTO group asks Phyllis to solve the case of who killed her. And since retired women in their 60s have nothing better to do, she sticks her nose in everyone's business and solves the murder. Not my favorite book, but I do like some of the others, so I'll keep reading the series.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Peace of A Murder

I had started reading this book before. Not really sure why I stopped, but I decided to give it another try. Problem was that when I stopped reading it the first time I had skipped to the back to find out who the killer was, so that kind of ruined it this time around. But it was still interesting. Phyllis annoyed me, she seemed a little rude to Sam sometimes. And of course he just seems a little to nice. I was sad that she killed off the Mattie character. Little old ladies are cute. She kind of reminded me of the character Sophia from the show The Golden Girls.