Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wicked Appetite

I'm not a big Janet Evanovich fan, but I did like this book. From what I understand it's part of a new series. What I thought was interesting is that its supposed to be about the 7 deadly sins. This one was mostly based on Gluttony, so there was a lot of food talked about in it. The main character Lizzy works at a bakery making cupcakes. Me being me naturally wanted cupcakes.
Lizzy's life is pretty normal until one day two tall dark mysterious men show up in her life. One, Wulf, is evil and the other, Diesel, is good. They are both on the hunt for the 7 Stones, which from what I understand could be deadly if fallen into the wrong hands. Got a little confused on that part. Its a quick wacky story with a one eyed cat and a monkey and Lizzy's friend who wants to be a witch.

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