Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sugar Cookie Murder

Sugar Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen Series #6) by Joanne Fluke: Book Cover I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with the holidays. And I saw someone leave the library with one of this authors books so I looked her up and found some Christmas mysteries. I had never read anything by her before and her books (this one at least) wasn't too bad. It was a quick read and really kept me guessing who had done 'it' until the end. I'm really bad about trying to figure out who the murderer is. It was a good book, made me wish it was Christmas. Made me wish she had written a Halloween one, because that's coming up.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Something Good

Something Good by Fiona Gibson: Book Cover This was a book about the relationship between a mother, her teenage daughter, and how they grow. What interest me into reading this book was that the daughter was going through that teenage awkward stage and was turning into a rebel. I was not a rebel as a teen, so I kind of enjoy reading about what all the 'bad' kids where doing. It was a pretty simple story, but good enough that I wanted to keep reading. I didn't like the ended. I wanted the parents to get back together and have them be a family again. But the author wanted the adults to be able to move on with their lives without having to depend on each other. In the end, of course everyone was happy. How often do you read a book where it ends in sadness? It's a little bit long, but a quick read.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Here If You Need Me

Here If You Need Me by Kate Braestrup: Book Cover I love the cover of this book, its what caught my eye. And the fact that it takes place in Maine, was another reason. Its a bit religious, and I think when I bought it I was looking for something along those lines. Its a true story about Kate who's husband dies and she becomes a minister, something her husband was going to do. She becomes a Maine Warden Service chaplain, which means that she goes with the police to find missing people, and if they show up dead, she prays to the dead body so that it leaves the world in peace. It was a good book. Short, kind of a fast read. There wasn't a whole lot of dialog, mostly it is just telling the story of how her husband died, why she became a minister, and some of the searches that she went on. Some of the stories about how the people were murdered where a little disturbing, but it was also a little bit comforting to know that someone is there to give them a good goodbye.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Shoe Addicts Anonymous

Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison: Book Cover This book has always caught my eye, but I avoided it because I thought it would be about a bunch of flakey girls who did nothing but buy shoes. But that wasn't the case. This is a story about 3 girls who love shoes, but don't let their whole world revolved around them. Shoes to them are like books to me. You buy them when you are happy because they make you even more happy, and you buy them when you are sad because they make you feel better. Each character has her own problems, which makes them seem more realistic. I like this book, and found out that there's a sequel, so I might check it out. I like shoes, and would probably buy more of them, but books are cheaper, so I'll stick with them for now.