Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Latte Trouble

Latte Trouble (Coffeehouse Mysteries)I love coffeeshops. I used to want to work at one. But that was before I knew that you had to open at 5am. No thanks. So I'll settle for a mystery book that takes place in a coffeeshop. I like this book. It was kind of a spur buy because I had seen another book from the same series reviewed in a magazine, so I thought that maybe I'd give it a try. And I liked it. Mysteries are good. They get your mind clean from the lazy chic lit cowbwebs, and makes you think. And they always have a little twist at the end. And Elisa, this takes place in New York, so you should read it. Everyone should read it. It's a fast simple read, and fun.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

20 Times A Lady

20 Times a Lady: A NovelIt took me forever to find this book. It's written by someone that I had read before and enjoyed, so when I found out that she wrote another book, I was dieing to read it. But it was not in any bookstores here. So I bought it online, and it was worth it. The characters are great and it makes you think of all the guys you've dated. Loved it. Read it!

Saturday, September 2, 2006

The Stripper's Guide To Looking Great Naked

The Stripper's Guide to Looking Great NakedI saw this book at a bookstore probably about a year or so ago, and something about it stuck in my mind. I think it was the slightly dirty cartoon pictures in it. Whatever it was, last week when I had to order another book from B& I was reminded of this, and thought, why the hell not. It's actually not a bad little guide. I'm not a fan of strippers, but they should know better than anyone when it comes to beauty and self confidence tips. As dirty as I felt reading this, it was quite helpful. It tells you what hair style (for upstairs and downstairs) works best with your body, gives you ideas on how to take it off (the clothes, not the hair, well, that too). I kind of enjoyed it, and think every girl should read it. Who knew that pasties were such a big thing.