Saturday, September 26, 2009

Summer On Blossom Street

Debbie Macomber has a bunch of series out there, but I'm a fan of her knitting books. I don't really feel that they are very realistic, but sometimes it's nice to read a book that takes place in a perfect world, where everyone ends up happy in the end. In this book, Lydia has another knitting class at her yarn shop A Good Yarn and it follows the going ons in her life and her three students as they knit and learn to get over something, whether it's smoking, an ex-love, or something else. These books always make me want to take a knitting class. They make it seem so easy and people always make friends. If you are ever in the mood of a feel good book, this is a good series to read.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thnaks For The Memories

I LOVE Cecelia Ahern's book. Her writing makes you feel like you aren't even reading a book, but that you are actually part of the character's life. And this book didn't disappoint. It follows the store of Justin who donates blood so he can get a date with a girl he likes, and little does he know, that his blood is given to Joyce who has lost a baby and a lot of blood and needs his. Only when she gets his, she gets some of his memories as well. So she tries to understand why she has these memories and who they came from, and in the hunt for answers finds love. Might sound cheesy, but it pulls you in and you can't stop reading. And you have to read it for Joyce's dad. I love him. He was my favorite character. He made me laugh. So check this book out. You'll love it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vision In White

This was a pretty decent book. Not to long and a quick read. It's the first book in the wedding series which is about four friends who start a wedding service. This book is about Mac who is the photographer. I think that might be one of the reasons why I liked it. I like photographs and taking them for a living sounds like a pretty good job. Mac is pretty much anti-love, as she never got it growing up, and then one day she meets Carter who had a crush on her in high school. She denies that she is falling for him, and that kind of annoyed me. So she seems kind of bitter for most of the book and her needy mom keeps making her mad, and frankly, it just got annoying. Of course the ending is happy, and I liked it just enough to read the other books when they come out.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

This book was made into a movie starring one of my favorite actresses, Rachel McAdams, so that kind of made me want to read the book. I was expecting it to be really sad since all the females I know who have read it, cried while reading it and cried when they saw the preview for the movie. I didn't cry.

It follows the story of Henry who can time travel. He doesn't know why, and he doesn't like it, but it happens. The book bounces around during his travels and his present time, and most travels include Claire. I thought that it was cute that she met him when she was little and never stopped loving him. I don't think a lot of women could be so in love with a guy who will be there one min, and gone the next. I kind of felt that she deserved better than him, since she was true to him her whole life and he has a wild past. But no one's past is perfect, so maybe they were meant to be together.

There were some boring parts, and probably could've been shortened a little, but all in all, it was good. The ending is a little said, especially since I was listening to the song "What Sarah Said" by Death Cab For Cutie at the time, and that's a sad song. But I didn't cry. Now, I can't promise that I won't do that at the movie, which I am looking forward to seeing, so I can how they did things.