Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Lost Recipe For Happiness

Despite the fact that this book ended up to be kind of predictable, it was good. The basic storyline is, Elena gets fired from her job as a chef and about 5 mins later gets hired to be the head chef at another restaurant in Aspen. Packing up her dog, she moves to Colorado to start over. Very convenient that the owner of the restaurant is cute and the two get a crush on each other. It's a pretty simple story, fast read, but I was expecting it to be a little more insightful and life changing. The thing that annoyed me was that Elena had been in a car accident that killed some of her family members and her boyfriend, and 20 years later, she's still letting it affect her life. Kinda got tired of hearing about it. I get it, something bad happened in the past, move on. Since it takes place in a restaurant, there are recipes involved. So if you like reading and cooking, it will be a good book for you to check out.

Strawberry Shortcake Murder

I've really got to learn to stop reading books in this series because the main character owns a bakery so throughout the book it talks about cookies, cakes, and other yummy goodies. Plus it has recipes, which, if I was a cook, would be very handy.

Last winter I was on the mission to read all the books in the series in order, and so did everyone else apparently because it took me forever to get this book from the library, and once I finally did, I didn't really want to read it, but did because I had waited to long. It wasn't that great. Kind of blah. A guy gets murdered and Hannah tries to find out why. And while doing so, discovers that the noisy reporter in town has been blackmailing people, so of course she decides to find out why and fix the problem. Like usual, I had no idea who did it until the end. I'm really not very good at figuring out mysteries. In other words, I've read better books by her.

Yum, strawberry shortcake sounds tasty.


Since I apparently like Thrillers now, I decided to check out James Patterson. Which is weird, because every time I've read his stuff in the past, I've hated it. This particular book wasn't super exciting, but it is fast paced.

It's about a woman who leads a double life and kills all the men that she dates. Soon a detective is on her trail and creates a false identity so she wont know that he's on to her. If anything, this book shows that you can't really trust anyone. Oh goody. Just what the world needs, for people to second guess people.

Probably not his best book. The beginning was exciting, but got kind of boring toward the end.

Hold Tight

So, I apparently like Thrillers. Who knew? This book caught my attention because it seemed realistic. Two parents set up a spy program on their teenager son's computer because like most teens he is acting depressed and weird. When they do this, they start to worry that he might be responsible for the death of one of his friends. It's a good book to read if you want to learn how to spy on your kids.

My only biff with this book is that there is another story about a crazy guy who likes to murder people, which at first makes no sense as to why the author tells you about him, but in the end, every one's story ties together.

Good book. Check it out.