Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Lost Recipe For Happiness

Despite the fact that this book ended up to be kind of predictable, it was good. The basic storyline is, Elena gets fired from her job as a chef and about 5 mins later gets hired to be the head chef at another restaurant in Aspen. Packing up her dog, she moves to Colorado to start over. Very convenient that the owner of the restaurant is cute and the two get a crush on each other. It's a pretty simple story, fast read, but I was expecting it to be a little more insightful and life changing. The thing that annoyed me was that Elena had been in a car accident that killed some of her family members and her boyfriend, and 20 years later, she's still letting it affect her life. Kinda got tired of hearing about it. I get it, something bad happened in the past, move on. Since it takes place in a restaurant, there are recipes involved. So if you like reading and cooking, it will be a good book for you to check out.

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