Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dead As A Doornail

To be honest, I really did not like this book. Had to force myself to finish is. It just kind of felt like nothing to worthy happens in it. Someone tries to kill Sookie (again), she and her friends find out who it was. Same old story, just a different killer. When will she learn that hanging out with vampires and shapeshifters is just bad for her health.

Catering to Nobody

The first 50 or so pages of this book was interesting, enough that I wanted to keep reading it to find out who the killer was, but the rest of the book was slow moving and the author found a way to put the blame on pretty much every character. So you never really had any idea who-done-it. Not a fast read at all, and I found most of the characters (even the one who dies) very annoying. Thank goodness one of them dies.

Goldy is catering for a funeral when her ex-father-in-law Fritz gets poisoned. So the police think that she did it and shut down her business. Like in most mystery novels, the police never seem to do their job right so Goldy has to step in a solve the case herself. All while trying to find work and deal with a sassy 11 year old boy. He annoyed me to. Basically it kind of seemed like the author wanted as much bad stuff to happen to this character as possible. And there's a lot of language. So if you don't like that, skip it. I've read other books from this series, I might read the next one. Hopefully it's better

Larceny and Lace

This is the second book in the series and in this one, Maddie is opening up her Vintage Magic clothing shop, only of course murder follows. First the playhouse across the street burns down killing the owner. Then Maddie and her friends find human bones wrapped up in a quilt they find in the shop, so of course they decide to find out what happened, getting themselves into danger along the way.

I didn't hate the book, but felt like there were to many characters and I got a bit confused. I like all the main characters and cant decided if I want Maddie to hook up with Nick or Lytton. They both sound pretty hot.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Christmas Cookie Killer

The word I used most while reading this was Fluffy. Because even though its a mystery and a little old lady gets strangled with the belt of her bathroom, everyone just seemed a bit to friendly. Even when the author was trying to make someone seem mean, it just didn't really feel that way. And she tries to hit it in your head that not everyone is what they seem. Everyone has secrets.

This is the 3rd book in the series, but I'm tired of the heat and liked the cover. It's warm and friendly, despite the headless gingerbread man.

Phyllis and her friends are having a Christmas cookie exchange when she goes next door to give Agnes some cookies and finds her dead. While trying to help her, Phyllis gets whacked in the head and passes out. So the book is following Phyllis while she tries to find out who killed her neighbor and tried to kill Phyllis. The author tried to make it so that it seemed like everyone had a motive, but I figured out who it was. Didn't know why, just who. This person seemed just a bit to nice. Despite my so-so feelings, I do want to read more in the series.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dead To The World

I liked this one better than the others, I think because it was more than just Bill, Sookie, and vampires. Bill isn't even really in this one. He's out of town and one night driving home from work Sookie sees Eric running down the road. Turns out he lost his memory. Some evil witches put a spell on him and causes him to lose his memory because they want his bar. So Sookie has to keep him at her place to keep him safe. A frisky vampire and a frisky human make one dirty chapter. Meanwhile, Jason goes missing and no one can find him.

Will Eric get his memory back? Is Jason alive? Can the vamps and werewolves and shape shifters kill the evil witches? You'll just have to read it to find out.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Club Dead

It took me a bit to get into this book, but maybe I just wasn't in the mood to read it, thank goodness these books are pretty fast paced and you can easily read one in a few hours.

In this book, Bill is gone on a secret project, and one day Eric shows up and tells Sookie that Bill is in danger and might be dead and needs her to go to Mississippi to listen in on the minds of people to find out where he is.

So she does, and as always, gets herself into trouble. I love a quote from the book... "Don't go looking for trouble; it's already looking for you." Something like that.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Deeply, Desperately

The second book in the Lucy Valentine series and this time Lucy and her boy toy Sean have come together to help people find their lost love. While doing so, Lucy also helps the police to find a missing woman. On top of that, she and her friend Marisol try to prove to their other friend Em that her boyfriend is a jerk and to not marry him. Lucy has her own love issues when Sean's ex comes back and won't leave without a fight. Of course it has a happy ending. It's cute and a quick read.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Living Dead In Dallas

I didn't like this one as much as the first one. I'm having issues with lead female characters falling in love with vampires and always putting themselves into danger. And this is why I should probably stop reading this series.

Sookie had made a deal with Vampire Eric that she will help him read minds of people, so he has a friend in Dallas who needs her help. So she and Bill go to Dallas and she helps out Vampire Stan, and of course almost ends up dead in the process. There was a really bothersome chapter at the end when she goes to an orgy. I should probably just suspect that there's always going to be sex in these books.

Anyway, this book just didn't interest me, so I'll probably take a break before I read the next one (if I choose to continue.)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Unbearable Lightness of Scones

It was a different kind of book. Instead of one story, it follows the lives of about six or so people set up in short little chapters. It was good. You have your favorites, I liked six year old Bertie who is just trying to understand the world. You'd have to check the book out to really understand what its about. I enjoy this author's work. I love the titles of his books. They are always different, but somehow comforting.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dead Until Dark

I don't know if this came out before the whole Twilight thing or not, but I am getting kind of tired of the whole female human in love with the male vampire and putting herself and everyone she knows in danger because she spends to much time with the vampire.

Sookie meets Bill and they become smitten with each other, and a bunch of females get killed and every suspects either the vampires or Sookie's brother Jason. The mystery gets solved when the killer of course comes after Sookie.

I do like it better than the show True Blood. A good chunk of characters on the show annoy me, but I can stand them in the book. Best of all, there's no annoying best friend Tara. But she might show up in later books.

Will I read the rest of the series? I don't know. Maybe.