Sunday, August 29, 2010

Catering to Nobody

The first 50 or so pages of this book was interesting, enough that I wanted to keep reading it to find out who the killer was, but the rest of the book was slow moving and the author found a way to put the blame on pretty much every character. So you never really had any idea who-done-it. Not a fast read at all, and I found most of the characters (even the one who dies) very annoying. Thank goodness one of them dies.

Goldy is catering for a funeral when her ex-father-in-law Fritz gets poisoned. So the police think that she did it and shut down her business. Like in most mystery novels, the police never seem to do their job right so Goldy has to step in a solve the case herself. All while trying to find work and deal with a sassy 11 year old boy. He annoyed me to. Basically it kind of seemed like the author wanted as much bad stuff to happen to this character as possible. And there's a lot of language. So if you don't like that, skip it. I've read other books from this series, I might read the next one. Hopefully it's better

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