Friday, August 27, 2010

The Christmas Cookie Killer

The word I used most while reading this was Fluffy. Because even though its a mystery and a little old lady gets strangled with the belt of her bathroom, everyone just seemed a bit to friendly. Even when the author was trying to make someone seem mean, it just didn't really feel that way. And she tries to hit it in your head that not everyone is what they seem. Everyone has secrets.

This is the 3rd book in the series, but I'm tired of the heat and liked the cover. It's warm and friendly, despite the headless gingerbread man.

Phyllis and her friends are having a Christmas cookie exchange when she goes next door to give Agnes some cookies and finds her dead. While trying to help her, Phyllis gets whacked in the head and passes out. So the book is following Phyllis while she tries to find out who killed her neighbor and tried to kill Phyllis. The author tried to make it so that it seemed like everyone had a motive, but I figured out who it was. Didn't know why, just who. This person seemed just a bit to nice. Despite my so-so feelings, I do want to read more in the series.

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