Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Don't Know How She Does It

This book took me longer than it should've to read it. I had read it years ago, probably when it first came out, but couldn't remember anything from it, and now that they made a movie out of it, I wanted to check it out again.
I didn't really like it. I'm not a mother, nor do I currently have a job or husband, but my friends do, and they seem to make things work. I suspect that the author wrote this book so that people could understand what all a full time working mother has to go through, but geez, I don't know why everyone was so impressed by Kate doing a bunch of stuff, when a lot of working mothers do the same thing and don't get the attention for it. But should they get the attention? Isn't that just how things are now days? And it seems like it was Kate's choice to go back to work full time. Really, if it was so stressful, than she could always have just quit her job, got a part time one, or just let the hubby make the money. There's nothing wrong with that. And honestly, I'm really not surprised that her hubby left her. She was kind of a bi**h to him. But yeah, there were times he could've stepped up a bit to help out. I think that with good time management, Kate could've been a lot happier. Found a way to work and be there for her kids. And maybe keep her To Remember list a little more handy so she wouldn't forget stuff.

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