Thursday, September 8, 2011


It took me forever (ok, maybe two weeks) to read this book. I was in the mood for a thriller and the discription for the storyline on the back of the book made it sound interesting, and it probably would've been if there weren't so many different things going on at once.
Sounds like this is the first in a new series about a P.I. type business who works with the local cops to solve cases. In this book they solve the case of the Schoolgirl murderer. Someone who has been killing teens for a few years. And they deal with some shady backdoor dealing for cheating at NFL games, and the main character trys to find out who killed his best friends wife. Had it just been one or two of these plots, the book would've been easier to follow.
I'm not a big fan of his writing, so I don't know why I keep getting his books, but I should probably stop.

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