Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bitter Is The New Black

 The next time you think that you are a snobby bitch, read this. This is a memoir following the author's life from riches to rags. Based on I'm assuming her real life, Jen was a Vice President at some dotcom place who was rude to everyone and spent more money than she had, as all chick lit girls to. Just for once, I'd like someone to actually not be some shopaholic and actually save their money. Every chick lit book I have read has the same main character and to read that this girl was the same, made me a little mad. Goodness woman, you aren't fiction, so why not make yourself look a little better. You seem to have the education and the smarts, so why dumb yourself down to acting like all the other air-head chick lit girls out there. What worries me the most, is that maybe all us woman are really like this. The flakey, shopaholics who just want a great pair of shoes and a hot guy. I really hope not. Anyway, at the start of the book she's bitchy, rich, and way into herself. Then karma comes along and she loses her job, and can't find another. Slowly one bad thing turns into more. Soon, both she and her husband (even the bitchy people get married, and I'm still single. What?!) are out of jobs and have to move to the 'ghetto' of Chicago and sell their cars to get by. She was unemployed for like 2+ years and it took her up to a year to actually look into a temp agency, and another year to even consider retail. Ok, I know to an ex-VP of a big wig company that may seem like the end, but to the rest of the world, if you need work bad enough, you don't wait 2 years to go to a temp. In the end her hubby (who seems like a nice guy) got a job and she got a book contract. Wanna take a guess on how she did that? She made her own website and blog and people read it and thought she was funny. I have a blog, and no one has ever offered me a book deal. I guess I'm not bitchy or poor enough. It was an interesting read, kept me wanting to read it. So, she can clearly tell a story, but really, next time someone calls you a bitch or a snob, have them read one chapter from this book and they will think differently.

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