Sunday, August 17, 2008

Slightly Single

Slightly Single by Wendy Markham: Book Cover So I know that I've started reading this book before, I just can't remember if I ever finished it. So when I saw it at the library I thought that it seemed good and gave it another chance. It's a simple book, nothing to exciting, a quick read. Tracey is an overweight New Yorker who has a dreamy boyfriend and a crappy job. For the summer her actor boyfriend is going out of town to an actor's thing so Tracey get's the idea to reinvent herself. She get's organized, starts walking and eating less, and reads the classics. She transformers herself, on the outside, but is still the same on the inside. She deals with her loser boyfriend while a new cutie comes into her life. I liked this book because she wasn't sitting around pitying herself. It was refreshing. Most girls in chick lit books whine about their crappy life, Tracey did something about it. Makes me want to go change my life around. Maybe I'll meet some cutie guy.

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