Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chloe Does Yale

I have passed this book a bunch of times at the bookstore and was a little scared to buy it because the cover and title suggests that it's about sex. And for some reason, I seem to think that the person at check out is going to care what I'm buying. It was only $5 so I figured I will just get it instead of starring at it every time I hit the bargain shelf. It actually wasn't that bad of a book. The best way to describe it is if Sex And The City went to Yale. Basically, it follows Chloe through the school year as she writes for the sex column for the Yale newspaper. The thing I didn't quite get was how someone who never has sex can write a column about it. Regardless, it was a quick read and worth the $5 it cost. So don't be shy, check it out.

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