Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Penguin Who Knew To Much

It was on the bargain rack and had penguins on the cover, so I figured, why not. It's part of a mystery series that I haven't read before, where, as far as I can tell, often have to do with animals.

In this one, the main character Meg finds penguins in the basement and a dead body. No, the penguins didn't kill anyone. The town zoo went out of business and before the keeper disappeared he got all the towns people to take the animals. Meg's dad took the penguins and as the book rolls along, they end up with half the zoo in their backyard. Of course, who wants a zoo in their backyard? So Meg is on the hunt to figure out what happened to the zoo keeper and how to get all the animals back to their rightful home.

It was a quick read and pretty funny when in just about every chapter another animal showed up. I was a little disappointed that it didn't have more to do with penguins. :o(

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