Sunday, July 2, 2006

Lost And Found

Lost and Found : A NovelThis book is everywhere. In every magazine and newspaper that I look at. So I had to read it. Plus it has cute parrots on the cover. It's a behind the scenes look at the characters who are in a reality TV show. It was really interesting to read just what people on a reality show feel, about the cameras always on them, and the others that are involved in the show. The characters however, where very different from most. There was a teenage girl who was gay, but had gotten pregnant, somehow hideing it from her mother. And a couple how use to be gay, but looked to god in order to be straight and normal, however thoughout the whole book you know that they aren't happy living this 'normal' life. It's an interesting read, so check it out.

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happinessdreams said...

Hey Lins!
I haven't seen this book, but it does sound interesting. I think you are going to beat me, I'm reading like a turtle. LOL.