Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Bride Stripped Bare

The Bride Stripped Bare: A Novel (P.S.)I don't really know why I picked this book, it's a best seller, so I figured that it would be a good read. OMG, it's not. It's about a new wife who, in a way, gets bored with her marriage, so she cheats on the husband, does a bunch of dirty things, decides that she wants to have a baby, so she and the hubby have a kid, and as most people think 'having a child will make things so much better'. The reason I didn't like it, was because it was just very graphic as far as the 'bedroom' fun goes. I just don't feel that things like that should be written for people's enjoyment. It also reminded me of the book Wifey, by Judy Blume that I read earlier this year. Didn't like that one either.

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rogervid8 said...

Can't agree more with your review.  Another interesting take on <a href=""> The Bride Stripped Bare </a> if you're interested.