Monday, December 25, 2006

P.S. Your Cat Is Dead

P.S. Your Cat Is DeadI've seen this book around in stores and thought that the title was interesting, plus the picture of the cat looks like a lemon, so it's just funny. It's a strange little novel about a guy who is just down on his luck, and comes home on New Years Eve to find his girlfriend packing up all her stuff getting ready to leave him. Once she does, out pops the robber who was hiding under the bed. Oh yeah, and his cat just died. So what does he do? Ties the robber up and by the end of the book, the two are good friends. Apparently this book was made into a play, which would be an odd play. It wasn't a bad book, but the conversations between the main character and the gay robber got a little dry. It was also written in the 70s I think, so things aren't as up to date. Now days, no one would end up being buddies with someone who was trying to rob them.

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happinessdreams said...

i dont really like cats, so i don't know if i would read this book.