Monday, May 7, 2007

The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants

Cover Image I really don't know why I had this on my bookshelf. I guess the first time I read it, something about it touched me. Maybe it was because I was one of four best friends who spent tons of time together, even though we didn't share a pair of magic pants. That's what this book (and the movie) is about. Four best friends who find a pair of pants that fit them all, and they share the pants over the summer while each spends time away from the others for the first time. It was a good book, and I might have liked it alot more if I was sixteen as they are, but the characters are just different enough that you get the feeling for how each one acts and what they are going through. Bridget is my favorite. She's the tall blonde who get's all the guys and has tons of energy that she puts forward in soccer. Just reading about her running around and catching guy's attention makes me want to start running, and if I didn't live downtown just a few blocks away from the homeless shelter and it wasn't after midnight, I would start running. But she's not perfect, she's hurting inside as we all are and doesn't know what to do about it. Then again, she is sixteen, and just how many of us knew anything about life back then? Or now for that matter? I've read the other books in series, but this by far the best one. So start off with this one if you are interested.

When I first read this book years ago, this is what I had to say about it:

I read this book because it has become a motion picture movie and I was curious to see if it was worthy enough to be a movie. I didn't hate it but I didn't feel that the characters where nearly as different as the author wanted them to be. I wish I had a pair of magical pants.

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happinessdreams said...

I've never read any of these books...they kinda sorta attract my attention, but nothing too crazy.

I just read in the paper that she has a new book coming out, but its more geared towards adults...I'm looking forward to reading that one.