Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Water For Elephants

This book has always caught my eye whenever I saw it at the bookstore, and it's a bestseller, but I never wanted to read it because I don't like the circus and didn't think that reading about it would be exciting. Yes, this book does mostly take place during a circus, but it's about how it changes the life of a young man. Jacob's parents die, and he's lost and confused and one night jumps on a moving train which ends up being a circus train. Some guys take him in and show him the ropes and soon he gets a job being the vet for the animals. The story follows his adventures and heartaches during 3 months of being with the circus. There's tons of interesting people, those you love and those you hate. And of course these aren't all fiction as the author did her research and some of the stuff that happens in the book happened in real life. The chapters jump back and forth between the time Jacob was 23 and now when he's 93, but the author does it in a way so that you don't get confused. Sometimes when there are flashbacks I find them hard to follow, but not in this book. I still hate the circus, probably more so now, but love this book. It was just very entertaining and well written.

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