Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If You Could See Me Now

I love Cecelia Ahern's book. They make you laugh and cry and are so full of feeling. They also give you the notion that love exists and there is someone out there for all of us. And sometimes it shows up before you can even see it.

This is the story of Elizabeth, a woman who likes everything neat, clean, and in its place. Elizabeth has a wild and crazy sister who has a young son who Elizabeth has to take care of. One day the child meets an imaginary friend, Ivan. Ivan falls in love with Elizabeth, something that imaginary friends never do. One day she is able to see Ivan and without realizing it, falls in love with him too, but of course he's not real, so their love could never amount to anything, but she doesn't know that he's not real. Ivan cracks open Elizabeth's shell and she is able to learn to live again, but once she is, Ivan must leave, because his job is done.

Its kinda sad, because the one person who she could be open in front of isn't real, but the whole time you read the book, you just keep wondering what's going to happen next. How can a real person and an invisible person love each other. It's a really good book, and pretty fast paced. So check it out.

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