Friday, October 22, 2010

The Carrie Diaries

I'm well aware that teens smoke, do drugs, have sex, talk about sex, and cuss. And regardless of what they read, they will probably always do these things. I just have a slight problem when a book that is targeted for teens has all these things.

This wasn't a bad book, I just would have liked it better if it was in the adult fiction section and not in the teen section. I don't have a kid, but if I did, I wouldn't want her to read something like this, she might get the wrong idea and think that having sex while in high school and smoking and lying to their parents is an OK thing. Before you think I'm prude, I have nothing against sex, I just think people should wait until they are 18 and out of high school to do it.

This book is about Carrie Bradshaw when she was 18. I kind of felt like there wasn't much of a connection between this Carrie and the one in the show. She was still confused about guys, which I think we always will be, but I never expected her to grow up with 2 younger sisters, a single father, and be on the swim team. Not sure exactly what I pictured, but that wasn't it. She didn't really have it easy in high school. Her friend Lali is super mean to her, and pretty much the popular girls think she's just weird. I did like The Mouse and Walt. Friends come and go in High School. Especially when guys are involved. Most of the time I kept wondering if I would have liked it better had I not seen the show. Then I wouldn't be comparing adult Carrie to teenager Carrie. People change over the years so I should've have expected them to be the same.

It really wasn't a bad book, just next time she writes a book which is all sex talk and language, I'd feel better if it was for adults and not for teens

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