Sunday, October 10, 2010

While I'm Falling

Not really sure what drew me to this book, I think I just like reading about people who are having breakdowns and their life is just going downhill to make me realize that my life isn't that bad. How sad that I need a novel to remind me of that. It's just a reminder that no matter how bad things look, they can always be worse.

This book is about Veronica who is a pre-med student in college and is having a bit of a breakdown. And things only get worse when her parents get a divorce and her mother ends up homeless with the half dead family dog. Veronica and her mother kind of help each other realize that no matter how crappy things might be, if you work at it, it will turn around for the best. I liked the mom, and felt sorry for her as well, because she's almost 50 and has to crash in her daughter's dorm room because she can't get into a new apartment for awhile. How awful for a parent to have to admit that to their child. What I liked was how she managed to stay upbeat. Or at least act like she was. If I was her, I would have lost my mind. Maybe she did and was just stressed out to the point where you can't feel the stress anymore. Like you are high or something.

Anyway, I liked it. The chapters are bit to long, and even though it's pretty short, it does kind of feel like it goes on forever. But other than that, it was decent.

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