Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Christmas Train

The Christmas TrainI'm in the process of weeding through all of my books and ran across this one. I had read it years ago, and was just planning on reading a few pages to see if I still liked it and I got pulled into it and couldn't stop reading. It's a story about a man who takes a train across country during Christmas time to see his girlfriend on L.A., but while on the train, his love from the past happens to be on it to. He quickly realizes the mistake he made with her and trys all the can to get her back. It's a love story mixed in with train info, that makes me want to take a train trip. I've never been on a 'real' train, and should put it on my Life's To Do List, because it sounds like you'll meet lots of interesting people and see some great land in this country.

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