Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)Ok, so I'm pretty sure that we've all read this book by now, and if not- how is that possible? Because the 7th (and last) book of the series came out today (I paused from reading it to write this), I re-read this book to get me ready for it. I thought that I had written about it the last time I read it, but can't find it, anywho, it was far more interesting than the 5th, but the ending makes me mad. And sad. Even reading it again I had to ask myself 'what was the author thinking?'. But it did make me wonder how the 7th was going to continue, and as soon as I finish it (which better be soon before someone spoils it for me) I will let you know what I think. But really, as far as series goes in books, the first is always the best, it's so innocent and fresh, so you can't beat that.

You are in luck! I found the entry I wrote when I first read this book:

I just got done reading the latest Harry Potter book. Like most of the other books it kind of got off to a slow start, obviously it was a bit dark, because they keep on getting darker and darker, but this one was covered with love. I swear, everyone hooked it up with everyone else. It was kind of cute actually. The word 'snogging' was used for when people are making out. Remind me to use that word whenever possible. It had a interesting story going for it. A goal. But then the end came. I am not happy with how it ended. Someone dies. Someone I didn't think would die until maybe the last book. Geez, the way this one left off, it might as well be the last book. Except of course Voldemort is still out and about. It'll be interesting to see how book seven turns out, in like 100 years when she finally writes it. If you're a fan, you'll be shocked by how it ends, or maybe I'm just being dramatic, but if your not, then maybe you shouldn't be reading these books. I'd love to go into it deeper, sharing all the secrets, but I won't. Just in case someone out of the three readers I have on here want to read the book. But once you have, talk to me. I like talking about books. Until then, be careful with who you snog with. :o)

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happinessdreams said...

let me know what happens with the new one.
I don't think, I'll be reading of the Harry Potter anytime soon.