Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Year of Yes

Cover Image This was a very interesting book filled with creative characters, and even though its a memoir, I still wonder if she made some of these people up. The story goes that a 20-something female wakes up alone on Valentine's Day and decides that for the next year she's going to go out with whomever asks her out. And in her many dates she meets new and unusual people. The whole time I was reading it, I just had to wonder if there are actually people like this in the world. But it does take place in NYC, so maybe there is. She apparently is from my hometown, but kept bashing on it saying that there's nothing to do in Idaho but look at cows. That made me mad. So, aside from the Idaho bashing, it was a funny and interesting read. And I would very much say yes to every guy who asked me out, if guys would ever actually ask me out, aside from the semi- creepy Mexican who can't decide if hes married or not, and of course there is the married guy whos having marriage problems, but that's just trouble, so he gets a No everytime he wants a booty call. And yet, he still trys.

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