Sunday, January 20, 2008

Flowers In The Attic

FLOWERS IN THE ATTICI've heard about this book, but never had read it until one of my co-workers told another co-worker about it, and then she lent it to me. When a book is being passed around, then that's a sign that I should read it. It's a very interesting, and disturbing story. A mother locks her 4 kids up in an attic/bedroom at her mother's house, promising them that once her evil father dies that she will set them free. 3 years go by in the attic, the kids grow and learn about themselves and each other, until one day they finally break free. Why they waited 3 years to break free I don't know, but they did. Maybe it was because they finally learned the their mother had lied to them about everything, and she herself just took off without them. It's very twisted and very well written. It's was a good book, just a little to dark for me.

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