Saturday, July 18, 2009

Certain Girls

I got this book over a year ago, started reading it, decided that it was to long and read something else instead. I got tired of looking at it on my bookshelf so I started reading it again and made myself finish it. It wasn't a bad book, for the most part it was pretty interesting, but it really was to long. It's a story about a mother and a daughter. When the daughter was 3, the mother wrote a dirty novel which the daughter didn't know about until she was 13, then she read the book and basically flipped out because she felt like the mom had been lieing to her about stuff. The mom is like a overweight June Cleaver with a dark past. I got really annoyed hearing the daughter and the mom talk about how heavy the mom was. She's chubby, we got it, doesn't mean you need to remind us every other chapter. Like I said, it was a decent book, but I was very happy to have it read.

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