Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was in a reading funk and was checking out the books my mom had lying around and this one really seemed the most interesting. Yeah, my mom has boring taste in books. The reason why this one caught my eye is because its about a sex scandal that takes place in a private school. We all know that kids who go to private school are usually spoiled and more screwed up then public school kids. So even though this is a novel, it sounded like it would be good.

A sex tape involving four students leaks out and the novel follows the events following up to the incident, during, and after. Each chapter is a different character and their point of view of what happened. The students, their parents, and the headmaster. Parts of it were kind of confusing because it jumps around and doesn't go in order of the event. Other than that its a good book and was hard to put down. Check it out. It might make you change your mind about sending your kids to a private school.

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