Monday, January 11, 2010

The Last Song

I was on Twitter during the time that Miley Cyrus was filming this movie and she always Tweeted about it. I kind of forgot about it, then something made me remember it and I wanted to read the book. I searched everywhere for it. Finally found it at Target. Have you ever had a book that was just calling you to read it. Like you'll get some sort of insight if you do? That's kind of how I felt about this one.

It was a good book. Read most of it in one day. The story is about 17 year old Ronnie who's mother makes her and her little brother spend the summer in North Carolina with her father. The parents have been divorced for 3 years and Ronnie doesn't like her father because she thinks he's the cause of the divorce. Needless to say, she's not happy going down there. Once she's there she kind of gets mixed up in a bad crowd, but falls in love with a cute local (who, from what I understand, ends up being Miley's real boyfriend in real life). Things start getting a little better when she starts dating Will.

But as the summer ends, she finds out something life changing about her father. You can tell from the title that something is going to happen to him. Its not that hard to figure out.

I think the reason why I liked it, is because I felt like the characters weren't sitting around doing nothing, they were out living life, and it made me want to be a little more active in life. Also kind of made me want to go to North Caroline, it sounds relaxing.

So check this book out. I liked it and even though its almost 400 pages long, its goes by quickly.


Linda said...

I am reading "Dear John" right now and I finished "The Notebook" in December. I really like Nicholas Sparks books! I will have to read this one soon.

Lindsay said...

I have A Walk To Remember by him waiting for me to read. I don't really want to see Dear John and I hate The Notebook (its to sad), but wouldn't mind reading the books. Let me know what you think of Dear John.