Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Comes Love

Even though this author's books are pretty simple, they are entertaining. She creates good characters. They are a little bit of goody goodies, but oh well. I read the other books she wrote containing this main character (Always The Bridesmaid, Here Comes The Bride), so I kind of wanted to read the third installment. In this book, Cate and her hubby are newlyweds and are feeling the pressure to have a child. Seems like all their friends are having children. I can understand that. All my friends are getting married, and its not much fun to be one of the few who are still single. So, Cate and her hubby get pregnant and it follows the ups and downs of being prego. She gets sick non stop for about 3 months. On top of all that, their cousin Denise who is just a great big pain in the butt is getting married and thinks that Cate got pregnant around the same time just so she could still her thunder. She and her trashy boyfriend are annoying and really make you hope that people like them don't really exists. But they do. It was a good book, and probably a good one for anyone who is expecting or has children.

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