Saturday, July 3, 2010

Night of The Living Deed

After I got this book home and was about to read it, I thought that maybe it wasn't since a good idea to read a book about a haunted house, since I often think that my apartment is haunted. But the book wasn't scary at all. It was actually kind of funny, and I liked it. Its about a woman and her daughter who buy a giant house in New Jersey and she is trying to fix it up and make it a guesthouse. But soon she finds out that its haunted by two people who were murdered there and they ask for her to help them find out who killed them. I was a little disappointed by the ending because I was expecting the ghost to be able to move onto the afterlife or whatever once their case was solved, but it sounds like they are stuck in the house. That would suck being stuck in one place forever. I was a little sad for them.

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