Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursdays At Eight

It's your typical fluffy Debbie Macomber book. Every so often I enjoy her books, because even though the characters always seem like goody goodies, real life stuff happens, possibly something that the reads might relate to.

This book was about four friends who had met at a journal writing class and decided to keep meeting up every Thursday at 8am for breakfast. I personally, could never get up that early. Karen is in her twenties and dreams of being an actress, but soon realizes that maybe that's not what she really wanted. Her struggle is dealing with her older sister who Karen finds out is getting abused by her husband.

Liz, my favorite, is in her late 50's and realizes that maybe its time to move on from the death of her husband and find love again.

Claire, I thought, was a bitch. She is divorced from her husband because he left her for someone younger, and she is just so bitter about the whole thing and even gets mad when her children want to spend time with their father. Her anger towards him changes (slightly) once she finds out that he has cancer and is dieing.

Julia wasn't much better than Claire. She's in her 40s I think, and finds out that she's pregnant. This poor unborn child. She hates him from day one and her children are just as bad. Thankfully everyone changes once the baby is born.

It was a decent book. Nothing I'd read again, but I usually don't feel that way with her books.

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