Monday, November 8, 2010

Death By Pantyhose

All her books are pretty much the same, but still enjoyable. But I do hope one day she gets the cat declawed. I'd be super peeved if my cats were clawing up the furniture and pillows and everything.

In this book Jaine is looking for work (like always) and gets hired by Dorcas, a comedian who needs Jaine to write good jokes for her. The first night that Jaine goes to hear Dorcas's act, she meets a bunch of people who later become suspects when Dorcas's arch enemy Vic ends up dead, with Dorcas found standing over the body. In hopes of getting paid, Jaine decides to solve the mystery of who killed Vic. I'm kind of proud of myself, because I usually don't ever figure it out, but this time I did.

I still love the funny emails from the parents. They are probably the best part of the books. And how the author voices what Jaine's cat is thinking.

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