Friday, November 5, 2010

Morning Glory

I got this book because I want to see the movie. I thought that the book was made first, then the movie, but it's the other way around. This book is actually based on the screenplay for the movie.

It's about Becky who works for a morning news show in Jersey until one day out of the blue she gets fired. She manages to get a job in NYC working for another morning show that is in dire need of a make over. On her first day she fires one of the anchors and needs to find a new one, so she manages to get her idol Mike Pomeroy to co-host with snotty Colleen Peck. Of course the two don't get along and cause more trouble for Becky. Gold star to her for not giving up when everything seems to keep going wrong.

The book wasn't super wonderful or anything. I still want to see the movie though.

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