Sunday, December 5, 2010

Murder At The PTA

For a mystery, this one was kind of weak. The principal of the elementary school gets murdered because she wants to add onto the school. The main character, Beth, hardly even knew the lady, but as always in these kinds of books, took it upon herself to find out who the killer was. Also, because her stupid best friend was getting death threats because of her local blog. As much fun as it is to gossip, when your life is in danger, you should probably stop. Mostly I was annoyed by how nice Beth was. I want a series where the character has a backbone and doesn't let everyone walk all over her.

I usually like mystery books because the chapters are short and quick, but these were long and there was just to many people, I got confused. And once you find out who the killer is, I had no idea. But maybe I zoned out and missed some info that wouldn't hinted that it was this person. Hopefully I'll remember to not read anymore from this series again.

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