Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Final Note

I probably would have given this book four stars if it wasn't so sad. And it wasn't the whole 'the wife might die' part that made me sad. It was the Grandpa part towards the end of the book, where he is telling the story of how he got Karl the guitar, which he gives to Ethan to play, so music plays a big part in this novel. It was a good book. Like I sad, a little to sad for my taste, but the writing was great, flowed well and could easily be read in a day. Ethan meets Anna while on a trip in Austria and they fall in love. When they get back to the states, he moves from Oregon to Idaho and they date and end up getting married. Then they start trying to have children, but she keeps having miscarriages. One day he gets a job in San Fran so they move and she gets pregnant again with twins, but only one of the little girls makes it. They are thrilled that after so many lost babies they have at least one. Then Ethan gets a promotion at work and starts working way to much, and one night he and Anna have a big fight and later that night she gets hit by a girl who was texting and driving (don't do it kids!) and ends up in a coma. Someone does die at the end, but it's probably not who you think it will be. I was very sad by who it was because I liked that character.

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