Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pampered To Death

I hadn't been impressed with her other recent books, but this one was pretty good. Like always, the cat and the emails from the parents are still the best part. In this one, Jaine's friend Lance gives her a free week at a wonderful spa. Or so she thinks. Once she gets there (with her cat, who takes their cat with them to a spa?)she realizes that its actually a fat person spa where people can go to lose weight. Its also where some B-list celebs go to get away. One person is Mallory who ends up dead and of course she had found a way to make everyone around her hate her, so Jaine tries to find out who killed her so that the police will let her go home and away from Diet Hell. The storyline was a good idea and there wasn't a bunch of characters like in most mystery books.

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