Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Man of My Dreams

The Man of My Dreams : A NovelThe reason that I read this book was because I read in an interview with the author that she didn't have the character end up with the man you'd think she'd end up with. (Sorry to spoil it). I was in a guys-suck-mood, so I read it, and by the end of the book, was kind of sad that she didn't end up with the guy. But then I read the last chapter and realized that it was for the best, because she got the chance to move on and ended up being the happiest than she had been. Which gave me the lift that even though you might not get the guy, you can still be happy and live a fulfilled life. And the character reminded me of so many people, I was one of them. I liked it, but don't think I'd read it again. Hannah annoyed me a little, because she was negative and afraid of life. Other than that, it wasn't so bad.

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happinessdreams said...

I heard her first book was very good. "Prep". I'll read it eventually, and dudes do suck.  Maybe, I'll give this a try.