Monday, March 3, 2008


Cover Image This is a guy's book. I picked it up because the movie is pretty funny, and it actually stays pretty on track with the movie, or rather, the movie stays on track with the book since the book came out first. Of course I think the movie is always a guy movie. Should've been my first clue. It wasn't a bad book, the chapters are super long, and there's lots of talk of wine and sex. The story follows two best friends on a week to wine country before one of them get's married. It tells of all the wacky adventures they get into. It's good, but the author uses lots of big words that I had never heard of, kind of made me feel like I needed to keep a dictionary handy. I've read worse, but I've read better. One thing I found really cool was how whenever someone was drunk, they wouldn't say that they were drunk, the used the word 'sideways'. I really want to start using that term. "Elisa, I think you are sideways". :o)

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