Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jemima J

Cover ImageI liked this book, but something bothered me about it. Jemima is a fat girl, who like most overweight people is aware that shes fat and needs to go on a diet and has tried many diets, but what I liked about her is that she didnt let others know that she was upset about her weight. She never talked about it to anyone and seemed to put on a happy front, but of course, behind closed doors she was a little disgusted with herself. So what makes her lose all the weight? Her work gets the internet and she starts talking to this guy in LA and after a few months, he wants to see her. Well of course she had sent him a pic of a model thinking that she'd never see him, so now she has to do some hard core exercising to make herself look like her fake pic. And she succeeds. I'm all for people getting in shape and being healthy, but I think they should do it for themselves and not for others. And it came off like she was doing it for this guy. But being thin doesn't change how you feel on the inside. It just changes what people see, not how you feel. The story did have a happy ending, and was a really good read.

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