Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Boy I Loved Before

What would you do if you had the chance to go back to when you were 16 years old? At the age of 32, Flora runs into the boy she loved when she was a teen at her best friends wedding. Without realizing it, she makes a wish that she's 16 again. Waking up the next day she finds out that it came true. Only, she's 16 now instead of when she was actually 16 (the 80s?), which was not what I was expected. I thought that she would go back in time along with everyone else that she knew and get to make changes and stuff. Nope. She's stuck being 16 while her best friend and high school love are in the 30s. Oddly enough they seem to take it pretty well. So here she is a teenager again, but with the mind of a 30 year old, and yet she still lets herself get bullied at school. I was wanting for her to stand up for herself and her strange new best friend, but she doesn't until the end of the book. If being a teen was so horrible the first time, wouldn't you try to make it better the second time? As for the boy she loved before, she falls in love with his brother who is now her age. The whole book is pretty much her trying to figure out why she was sent to her teenage years and making sure she gets it done before she turns back into an adult. It was a pretty good book, kind of slow in the start, but work past that and it gets better.

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