Monday, November 3, 2008

Summer By The Sea

The cover of this book caught my eye and made me want to read it. It's soothing and romantic. I don't like romance novels, but the cover of a book will make the deal or break it. But this was actually a pretty good book, for a romance novel. Not cheesy and no sex scenes, so if that's what you are into, then this probably isn't for you. It tells the story of Rosa and Alex who met when they kids and follows their relationship throughout the years. He's rich, she's not. Neither one of their parents wanted them to be together, but true love doesn't listen to their parents. Or does it? It's a quick read and easy to follow. This is the first that I've read from this author and will probably read some more. Just as long as her romance novels aren't cheesy. I hate that.

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Linda said...

The cover of this one would of caught my eye too. I think I need to go get it. Linda