Friday, February 5, 2010

The Cinderella Pact

I was reading a magazine (People maybe?) and saw that they turned this book into a movie (I think for Lifetime?) and it sounded interesting so I went and got the book. And I really liked it.

It's about Nola, and overweight editor at a magazine, who tries to get a job as a columnist, but they won't hire her because she's fat. So she makes up Belinda Apple, a slim, stylish, British girl who doesn't exist. One day she and her 2 chubby friends get rejected at a fancy restaurant because of their weight so they decide to follow some advice that Belinda (aka Nola) gave to a reader, and make a pact to lose weight. Basically they are transforming themselves (kind of like Cinderella). One friend decides to get gastric bypass surgery, the other starts eating better and exercising with a professional trainer, and Nola, like most of us, has her ups and downs.

One day her boss figures out that Belinda isn't real, and in order to keep her job, Nola does what she can to prevent from getting fired. And on top of that, she falls in love with the guy who could fire her. All while trying to not be hurt by the fact that her sister wants Belinda as her maid of honor.

The ending was kind of lame, but I really enjoyed. Maybe one day I'll get motivated and do a "Cinderella" on myself.

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