Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Food Rules

While I would love to read more about how to eat 'real foods' and make them and such, I have a short attention span for anything non-fiction. So this book was great for someone like me. Only 139 pages and its a list of food rules, like, don't eat any cereal that turns your milk a color, eat slowly, and don't eat anything that's been processed. It's common knowledge type of stuff, but sometimes we need a refresher course. While reading it, it really made me want to change the way I eat. Stop hitting up the frozen dinner section and actually buy stuff to make my own dinner. Its easier, but I don't do it because it seems time consuming. But if it makes me healthy and thinner, than its worth it I guess.

Check this book out, its short, simple, and handy.


Rachael said...

But cereals that make the milk change colors is the best!

Lindsay said...

Seriously? Cereals that change the milk color disturb me. Its just not natural. Ick.