Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Notebook

I've never read this book even though its suppose to be the greatest love story ever (next to Romeo and Juliet). Maybe I'm just bitter about love (which I am, because it always burns me), but really, I thought that Allie wasn't good enough for Noah. He's a shy, sensitive, good guy who has only ever really loved her, and she claims that she loves him (which I believe she did), but was engaged to someone else. Why wait 14 years ( I think it was) to go find the one you really love? Now days it would be a little easier because we have things like Facebook and email, but still. At least he tried to stay in contact with her by writing her letters. And I know that its not her fault that her mother took them before Allie could read them, but that's no excuse. No, I didn't cry when I read it. Yes, I probably will when I watch the movie (maybe, I'll let you know).

Should you read this book? Who am I kidding, you probably already have.


Rachael said...

You haven't watched the movie yet either?

Lindsay said...

I saw the movie way back when it first came out. I have it sitting by my TV waiting for me to watch it. Probably do that this weekend.